It Really Is All Relative…

I recently watched a video on YouTube called RELATIVITY ISN’T RELATIVE. It was regarding the scientific definition, in terms of how there are absolutes, or aspects of the universe that are always the same; for example, an apple is still what it is without perceiving it.

I made a comment about how everything is relative in a practical sense, because everything has to go through our filter (perception), so even if we’re right it’s still relative to us. We cannot fairly claim the apple will still exist when nothing perceives it. It’s an oxymoron. So the only way anything isn’t relative ‘in this way’ is if no perception exists- then there is nothing but unknowable absolutes- whatever exists just exists if at all.

I appreciate science and scientists VERY much. It is how we progress as people, ‘externally’. And that is huge- it has and continues to save lives, exponentially increase value, and pretty much prolong our humanity as beings. If it were up to me, the science budget from government would be ten times what it is (It’s really small unfortunately).

But, in terms of individual or self progress, even science or external understanding and manipulation can’t help us. It can’t get you to see you. It can’t get you to deal with your fear, your desire, your consciousness, your weakness, and your potential willpower: greed, vanity, conceit, pride, jealousy, hate, anger, cowardice, depression, carelessness, laziness, etc.

For this, it takes good old, honest self reflection and recognition. It takes looking at something that is right behind your eyes, so something that is purely subjective, and only you can really see and understand. So I don’t try and irk or undermine science. In fact, many of the same mental abilities that allow us to deal with exterior reality, are needed to deal with internal reality: logic, reason, analysis, determination, fairness. I just realize that science, like everything, comes from humans; so they are the logical thing to care for most.

I just don’t want people to use more of their humanity for anything besides that humanity itself. I want people to see their own perception- to see their own limited view- because until we deal with our selves, even prolonging our existence isn’t worth as much as it could be.



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