“If you can’t b…

“If you can’t beat em, join em… then beat em.”

I… along with millions of other humans around the world… have been thinking a lot about, and becoming more involved in, reforming our surroundings. There seems to be a global wave in ‘perceived’ corruption and discomfort.

I remember a podcast called The Speculist, that I used to listen when I worked nights, which once shared a rating of the 20th century’s greatest inventions. The Internet came out on top, and I think civilian uproar and protest supports that decision. I mean just imagine the difference, between a world without the same cheap and accessible ‘web’ of information for everyone, and a world with it. It’s bound to change the game. It’s bound to grow our connection and consciousness as people. Ignorance is a great way to rule over people; what they don’t know hurts them, but who cares, cause they don’t realize it. If you are fair about human nature, and our social constructs, then you realize that power and a lack of transparency does always equate to corruption.

‘Okay… so there’s corruption in the world and people are slowly waking up and challenging it… what’s that have to do with the quote?’

I constantly see and hear an unfortunately very contradictory mistake among people trying to make a change (and everyone else 8))- they create divisions that aren’t genuine- they see and act as though ‘their group’ is unique from another group. It’s human nature to buy in to assumptions, and believe others who are socially different, are actually different. The reality however is that we are all human- we are all related beings that have the option to improve our situation or make it worse- whether that satisfies us or not.

So the point of all this, and the quote, is that in order to really ‘beat em’, you have to realize that you are them and they are you. You have to realize that ‘beating them’ means beating your own impulsive human nature and trying to get others to do the same thing. You have to genuinely take the moral, conscious, human high-ground; and not just the social one. ‘Sure, some groups are way better than others- some save people while others create death and suffering.’ But if we think of ‘beating em’ as beating our own humanity til this point, it gives us a reason to unite, and improve not just a social group but a globe of very connected beings.

So, if you can’t beat humanity, unite… then beat it… cause we will have already won.



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