We know about The Occupy movement and others like it. We know the middle class is dying and poverty is growing. We know the media and government are full of shit and clearly have their own interest in mind. We know war- killing other humans on a massive scale- is costly and bad. Yet, here we are, right where we’d be if we were just mindless machines who did whatever we were influenced to.

I want you to at least listen to the speech from a U.S. senator (Bernard I believe) around minute 30. THIS IS A U.S. SENATOR! I’ve also seen videos of congressmen like Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul sit in front of Ben Bernanke (federal reserve chairman) and ask him where billions of dollars went and why, with no transparent or understandable response.

This is INSANE folks. If you don’t care about anything money can get, fine, but this extreme wealth that only creates more for that miniscule fraction of Americans, kills America (and real people) at an incredible rate. Imagine that economy is a balloon- you can squeeze a whole lot of the contents into one little area- but it bursts eventually. When that happens, and it will quickly at this rate, it’s not pretty. It’s either a controlled police state or anarchy within an uncontrolled state.

I don’t want either option, but I for one will not live without very basic freedoms.


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  1. I know this is an emotional, ignorant post, but maybe if that’s all you see you should ask this question: Why do reasonable people fear and know nothing about “their” government? The answer is because they aren’t telling us and we aren’t demanding they do.

    Greed/ apathy = power
    Power + secrecy = corruption

    ‘simple math’

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